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For uncompromising horse owners

Twenty Four Carrots’ products are exactly as nature intended; raw, nutrient-dense, complete and contain absolutely no GMO’s, byproducts, fillers, soy, corn, molasses or grains. Each ingredient is carefully selected, food grade and is a meaningful contribution to the overall health and wellbeing of the horse.


Each product is designed to be a distinctive homage to a conscientious feeding program and is safe for all horses to consume, even those with metabolic issues.

Find out which product suits your horse's needs!

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Dover Saddlery carries Twenty Four Carrots - Elevate your horse's well-being with our all-natural, holistic horse nutrition solutions. Explore a range of healthy treats and supplements carefully crafted for equine health. Our products are low in NSC, have a low glycemic index, and are free from grain, soy, GMOs, molasses, sugar, corn, fillers, and byproducts. Experience the healing power of nature for your cherished companion with Twenty Four Carrots.
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