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Balanced Mare Blend best mare supplement
hormone supplement for horses, how to calm down a moody mare
Twenty Four Carrots’ Balanced Mare Blend contains carefully selected and potent ingredients that work symbiotically to:


-Balance hormones

-Alleviate temperamental behavior

-Reduce uterine inflammation and cramps associated with estrus

-Promote a calm and relaxed demeanor 

-Regulate cycles

-Increase fertility

-Support proper nerve and muscle function

-Fortify the immune system


As an added bonus, Balanced Mare Blend is also a bountiful source of vitamins, amino acids and naturally occurring magnesium making it the perfect daily nutritional support for every mare. 

best supplement for mares all natural hormone balance
balance mare hormones
calming down a moody mare, hormone balance
balanced mare blend calming a moody mare, hormone balancing mare supplement
ingredients in the best mare hormone supplement
review of balanced mare blend
Vitex berry mare hormone supplement

Vitex berry or chastetree berry has active ingredients that promote hormonal balance in horses. Vitex berry effectively increases the ratio of progesterone to estrogen which may help ease temperamental behavior displayed by mares when in estrus. Vitex berry also support mood and attitude and has had positive effects on horses showing signs of aggression, depression or low motivation and lowers the stress hormone cortisol by supporting hypothalamus and pituitary function.


Chasteberry improves the mood and is also said to have positive effects on metabolic health, energy levels, muscle tone, coat and hoof health. It has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance in horses who are insulin resistant as well as ease inflammation and pain associated with laminitis. 


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