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The Diamond Liver Detox

The build up of toxins within the horse’s body can happen in a variety of ways, from being exposed to air pollution, chemical fly spray, inorganic fertilizers, feeds with chemically coated ingredients or synthetics, medicines, dewormers, substandard forage, illness or stress. The Diamond Liver Detox is designed to rid your horse’s system from this toxic build up allowing the kidneys, liver and digestive system to perform optimally. 


Signs your horse may need a detox:

-Decreased performance

-Digestive disturbances

-Frequent injuries

-Slow healing

-Brittle, slow growing hooves

-Poor mane and tail growth and quality

-Lackluster and coarse coat

-Greasy coat

-Sour Attitude


-Digestive issues

-Chronic pain issues

-Hard keeper



-Stocking up


Acting as an all encompassing herbal blend, The Diamond Liver Detox will alleviate any symptoms related to a toxic overload as well as condition the body, improve overall health and support a positive energy flow. A perfect combination of thoughtfully selected whole food ingredients act together as nature’s “reset button”, removing unwanted toxins while improving performance, promoting long-term flourishing health and lowering stress.

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MEADOWSWEETS ingredient for horse liver detoxification


Meadowsweet contains the active ingredient salicylic acid which is frequently used to support the digestive tract and joint mobility. The constituents of this ingredient protect the lining of the stomach and intestines and provide an anti-inflammatory action.


Meadowsweet effectively reduces acids and alleviates joint problems, which are a common sign of too much acidity within the body. Meadowsweet also supports connective tissue health, flexibility, hard working joints and muscles and soothes the digestive tract. 

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