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Twenty Four Carrots thoughtfully selected eight premium, food grade ingredients each of which boast a spectrum of nutrients.


Super Food Horse Treats’ main ingredient, chia, was chosen for its many positive effects when fed to horses. Chia supports a healthy immune system, skin and coat, joints, muscles, fertility and is a natural calming agent. 


Superbly complementing the chia are additional super food ingredients such as hemp, dandelion and rosehips. The final touch is a dash of mouthwatering carrot, a pinch of cinnamon and a drop of boiled apple cider creating a perfectly palatable low-glycemic treat that is ideal for all horses including those who suffer from metabolic disorders. 


Super Food Horse Treats are exactly as nature intended; raw, nutrient-dense, complete and contain absolutely no GMO’s, byproducts, fillers, soy, corn, molasses and grain. They are the perfect homage to a conscientious feeding program.

Available in Low Sugar and Extra Low Sugar.

Super Food Horse Treats


Chia seeds are palatable, easy to digest, and one of the most nutrient dense foods on earth. This is why they are a main staple of Twenty Four Carrots cookies! Did you know that chia contains 2.7x more iron than raw spinach, 5.4x more calcium than milk, and 8.7x more omega-3 than wild Atlantic salmon, along with all of the essential aminos, antioxidants (more than blueberries), vitamins B, D and E?  

Chia is also optimal for horses who suffer from metabolic disorders. The many other benefits for horses include: boosting the immune system, aiding in the alleviation of allergies, nutritional reinforcement for broodmares and stallions, natural calming effects, assistance for the digestive tract, electrolyte retention, anti-inflammatory properties, shiny coats, stronger hooves, and weight management!


#1 Twenty Four Carrots Best Cookie Chart

If you read the label on the treats fed to your horse you may be surprised at what you find; loads of sugars, fillers, byproducts and inferior ingredients. All of which are not beneficial to your horse’s health.

Super Food Horse Treats are unlike any other treat on the market. They are nutrient-dense and designed to fit perfectly into a comprehensive feeding routine by actually contributing to your horse’s overall wellbeing.

When it comes to the complete health of your beloved horse, there is no room to cut corners.


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Twenty Four Carrots Inner Glow Booster S

Radiant health...

Inner Glow Booster is a comprehensive omega supplement containing an ideal ratio of omega 3’s and omega 6’s to reduce inflammation, create an enviously shiny coat and support overall health. Inner Glow Booster is intended to compliment your current feeding regime, it is quite literally a boost of nutrition to add to your horse's daily diet. 


Consisting of robust and nutrient-dense ingredients, Inner Glow Booster is designed to also strengthen:

  • Immune System/Allergy Response: Omega-3 fatty acids help fight allergies by regulating and strengthening the immune system lessening any current allergies and mitigating future allergic reactions. 

  • Digestive Tract: High in fiber, which creates more time for the buffering of stomach acid. As a prevention and relief of ulcers, Inner Glow Booster can be soaked which activates the mucilage from the chia seeds and creates a protective barrier that can soothe pain and inflammation.

  • Electrolyte Retention: Prolongment of hydration and retention of bodily fluids for quicker recovery and improved endurance. 

  • Joints & Muscles: An ideal balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids help reduce the hormone-like substances known as prostaglandins which create inflammation. Inner Glow Booster is full of complete (containing all 9 essential amino acids) protein, building muscle and a full topline.  

  • Skin, Coat & Hoof: Cell membranes are strengthened by balanced Omega-3 fatty acids, allowing nutrients into the cell while keeping toxins out. The result? An enviously shiny coat and relief from allergy-irritated skin. 9 essential amino acids build proteins within the body, including keratin which is essential for hoof strength.

  • Calm Demeanor: Highly bio-available magnesium for natural relief of nervousness.  


  + Added antioxidants in the form of raw, whole ingredients.  

Inner Glow Booster
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When cut and dry, nettles loose their stinging properties and only goodness remains!


Nettles have an astounding nutrient profile being incredibly high in chromium, calcium, magnesium and zinc as well as containing manganese, cobalt, phosphorous, selenium, potassium, silica, niacin, thiamine, vitamin A and vitamin C. All of these incredible nutrients contribute to alleviation from respiratory ailments, allergies, liver or kidney disorders, laminitis and lactation issues.


Nettles also serve as a strengthening tonic and can be a source of energy for horses who may need an extra boost! 


Holistic Monthly Sand Purge…

Designed for horses who are kept in sand paddocks, fed from the ground or grazing in sandy fields, Sand-Less is a nutrient-dense whole foods based monthly intestinal purge.


Cold milled golden flax, chia seeds and tapioca pearls work together to create an incredibly effective sand removal remedy while delivering an abundance of nutrients to the system which promote a flourishing digestive tract and the optimal health of the horse. Fennel compliments the ingredients above as an ancient intestinal remedy that soothes sensitive stomachs, encourages the secretion of saliva and gastric juices while promoting healthy intestinal flora.


Sand-Less is free from artificial flavors, propionic acid, ammonium hydroxide, molasses and sweeteners and has no risk of “husk dust” inhalation as this product is psyllium free.

*Twenty Four Carrots is ALWAYS FREE from GMO’s, soy, added sugars, corn, grains, molasses and fillers.

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cold milled flax

Flax is incredibly effective at removing sand from the digestive tract while delivering an abundance of nutrients to your horse. When exposed to moisture, flax can swell up to 20 times in volume and take on a jelly-like consistency. The jelly-like substance is known as mucilage and it is the mucilage that traps and suspends the sand, carrying it to the top of the cecum and out of the body!


Flax mucilage is ideal for a sensitive stomach and it can buffer stomach acids and soothe ulcers. Additionally, flax is an excellent source of fiber, it contains all amino acids and has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

The build up of toxins within the horse’s body can happen in a variety of ways, from being exposed to air pollution, chemical fly spray, inorganic fertilisers, feeds with chemically coated ingredients or synthetics, medicines, dewormers, substandard forage, illness or stress. The Diamond Detox is designed to rid your horse’s system from this toxic build up allowing the kidneys, liver and digestive system to perform optimally. 


Signs your horse may need a detox:

-Decreased performance

-Digestive disturbances

-Frequent injuries

-Slow healing

-Brittle, slow growing hooves

-Poor mane and tail growth and quality

-Lackluster and coarse coat

-Greasy coat

-Sour Attitude


-Digestive issues

-Chronic pain issues

-Hard keeper



-Stocking up


Acting as an all encompassing herbal blend, The Diamond Detox will alleviate any symptoms related to a toxic overload as well as condition the body, improve overall health and support a positive energy flow. A perfect combination of thoughtfully selected whole food ingredients act together as nature’s “reset button”, removing unwanted toxins while improving performance, promoting long-term flourishing health and lowering stress.

The Diamond Detox


Meadowsweet contains the active ingredient salicylic acid which is frequently used to support the digestive tract and joint mobility. The constituents of this ingredient protect the lining of the stomach and intestines and provide an anti-inflammatory action.


Meadowsweet effectively reduces acids and alleviates joint problems, which are a common sign of too much acidity within the body. Meadowsweet also supports connective tissue health, flexibility, hard working joints and muscles and soothes the digestive tract. 

Pure Allergy Relief
Twenty Four Carrots Pure Allery Relief.j

A whole herb allergy solution.


Pure Allergy Relief contains whole food ingredients specifically selected for their potent anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties that relieve your horse of the effects caused by environmental irritants allowing their body to come back into balance, naturally.


Whole body benefits from the Pure Allergy Relief formula:


-Digestive support

-Respiratory support

-Liver detox

-Relief from chronic skin problems and itchiness

-Immune system boost

-Contains all essential amino acids

-Natural source of vitamins and minerals

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Milk thistle is well known for its ability to contribute to a healthy functioning liver. It is able to accelerate liver cell regeneration by increasing RNA synthesis and can offer the liver protection from blood toxins. As your horse’s largest gland, the liver acts as the main filter of all things toxic and a healthy functioning liver is essential for a healthy functioning horse.


Milk thistle has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which are also beneficial for horses who are prone to seasonal allergies. Additionally, milk thistle offers anti-cholesterol, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. 


Twenty Four Carrots’ Balanced Mare Blend contains carefully selected and potent ingredients that work together symbiotically to:


-Balance hormones

-Alleviate temperamental behavior

-Reduce uterine inflammation and cramps associated with estrus

-Promote a calm and relaxed demeanor 

-Regulate cycles

-Increase fertility

-Support proper nerve and muscle function

-Fortify the immune system


As an added bonus, Balanced Mare Blend is also a bountiful source of vitamins, amino acids and naturally occurring magnesium making it the perfect daily nutritional support for every mare. 

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Vitex berry twenty four carrots balanced mare blend_edited.jpg

Vitex berry or chastetree berry has active ingredients that promote hormonal balance in horses. Vitex berry effectively increases the ratio of progesterone to estrogen which may help ease temperamental behavior displayed by mares when in estrus. Vitex berry also support mood and attitude and has had positive effects on horses showing signs of aggression, depression or low motivation and lowers the stress hormone cortisol by supporting hypothalamus and pituitary function.


Chasteberry improves the mood and is also said to have positive effects on metabolic health, energy levels, muscle tone, coat and hoof health. It has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance in horses who are insulin resistant as well as ease inflammation and pain associated with laminitis. 

Vitex berry