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Pure Allery Relief Twenty Four Carrots
Twenty Four Carrots Pure Allery Relief

A whole herb allergy solution.


Pure Allergy Relief contains whole food ingredients specifically selected for their potent anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. These ingredients work together to relieve your horse of the effects caused by environmental irritants allowing their body to come back into balance, naturally.


Whole body benefits from the Pure Allergy Relief formula:


-Digestive support

-Respiratory support

-Liver detox

-Relief from chronic skin problems and itchiness

-Immune system boost

-Contains all essential amino acids

-Natural source of vitamins and minerals

Hand Made USA 24c
grazing horses 24c
Twenty Four Carrots Pure Allergy Relief Milk Thistle


Milk thistle is well known for its ability to contribute to a healthy functioning liver. It is able to accelerate liver cell regeneration by increasing RNA synthesis and can offer the liver protection from blood toxins. As your horse’s largest gland, the liver acts as the main filter of all things toxic and a healthy functioning liver is essential for a healthy functioning horse.


Milk thistle has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which are also beneficial for horses who are prone to seasonal allergies. Additionally, milk thistle offers anti-cholesterol, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. 

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