Powerful whole food detoxification system. 


The Diamond Detox is designed to rid your horse’s system from toxic build up and free radicals which allow the kidneys, liver and digestive system to perform optimally. As an all encompassing herbal blend, The Diamond Detox will condition the body, improve overall health and support a positive energy flow. A perfect combination of thoughtfully selected whole food ingredients act together as nature’s “reset button”, removing unwanted toxins while improving performance, promoting long-term flourishing health and lowering stress. 


* Not for use on pregnant/lactating mares or horses who are sick or have a fever.


** It is important to note that detoxification in and of itself can be an immense process that is unique to each horse and it is not uncommon to see reactions as the toxins work their way out via the skin, hooves, urine and fecal matter. Your horse may feel worse before they feel better as the toxins are shaken up and removed from the body. We recommend that your horse has access to fresh water and to lighten your horse’s workload while administering The Diamond Detox (it takes a lot of energy for the body to remove impurities, however, walking is great for the detoxification process). Depending on your horse’s toxic load, you may need to detox more than once. Monitor your horse closely while they detox and speak with your vet regarding any concerns.

The Diamond Detox

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