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sand-less horse supplement by twenty four carrots
monthly sand purge for horses

Holistic Monthly Sand Purge…

Designed for horses who are kept in sand paddocks, fed from the ground or grazing in sandy fields, Sand-Less is a nutrient-dense whole foods based monthly intestinal purge.


Cold milled golden flax, chia seeds and tapioca pearls work together to create an incredibly effective sand removal remedy while delivering an abundance of nutrients to the system which promote a flourishing digestive tract and the optimal health of the horse. Fennel compliments the ingredients above as an ancient intestinal remedy that soothes sensitive stomachs, encourages the secretion of saliva and gastric juices while promoting healthy intestinal flora.


Sand-Less is free from artificial flavors, propionic acid, ammonium hydroxide, molasses, sweeteners and has no risk of “husk dust” inhalation as this product is psyllium free.

*Twenty Four Carrots is ALWAYS FREE from GMO’s, soy, added sugars, corn, grains, molasses and fillers.

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Sand less sand horse sand removal

Introducing Sand-Less, your holistic monthly solution for sand removal in horses
ingredients for sand less a sand purging horse treat
COLD MILLED FLAX to remove sand from horse digestive tract


Flax is incredibly effective at removing sand from the digestive tract while delivering an abundance of nutrients to your horse. When exposed to moisture, flax can swell up to 20 times in volume and take on a jelly-like consistency. The jelly-like substance is known as mucilage and it is the mucilage that traps and suspends the sand, carrying it to the top of the cecum and out of the body!


Flax mucilage is ideal for a sensitive stomach and it can buffer stomach acids and soothe ulcers. Additionally, flax is an excellent source of fiber, it contains all amino acids and has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

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