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Winter Weather Interfering With Riding Plans? Bust Winter Boredom With These Tips!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Winter weather have you down from riding?

Sometimes it may feel as though winter will not let up! Between the frozen ground, icy roads, and the mud when it all melts, you may find yourself with a lot of extra time as an equestrian who relying on decent weather to get your rides in.

Instead of listlessly looking out the window, tapping your fingers waiting for winter to end, try some of these boredom busting winter tips for equestrians!

Create a trick-training or new discipline notes binder. Are there tricks that you’d like to teach your horse? Or possibly a new discipline you’d like to pursue? Luckily the internet is a wealth of information for both! We suggest finding step by step instructions and printing them out or doing your own independent research and creating your own step by step instructions that make sense to you and your training style. Compile these notes into a binder and bring the binder to the barn with you. This way you have an easily accessible resource to guide you through new tricks or new disciplines!

Deep clean your tack and grooming tools. Yes, we know, cleaning is not the most “fun” activity but getting a deep clean of your tack and grooming tools out of the way now will allow you extra time with your horse when the weather breaks. For best results when cleaning tack, be sure to use a leather oil designed for the specific purpose of cleaning leather tack products. Nylon tack can easily be washed in a bucket with some warm water and dish soap and left out to dry. To clean your grooming tools, use a mild soap and a little bit of baking powder, combine in a bucket of warm water scrub the tools against one another and lay them out to air dry after sufficiently clean.

Plan new trail rides/research future clinics. If you’re an avid trail rider, winter is great time to map out new trails to ride come spring. Do some research on new trails and start planning the details with friends. Planning well in advance will give you an opportunity to be sure you have all of the needed supplies as well as the time to purchase what is needed that may be missing or ready to be replaced. Researching clinics that you’d like to attend in the spring is also a great way to pass time.

At the end of the day, during inclement weather it is always seems to be a case of “hurry up and wait”. But the above tips are little ideas that may help melt away some of the long winter hours not spent in the saddle.

What are your boredom busting tips?

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