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How to Prepare Your Horse for Allergy Season

Sneezing horse allergy season prevention, preparation and solution for horse allergy

As we approach allergy season, it is important for horse owners to start preparing in order to ensure their horse's health and well-being. Allergies can cause a range of issues for horses, from mild discomfort to serious respiratory problems. By taking the necessary steps to prepare beforehand, you can help alleviate your horse's symptoms and ensure they remain comfortable and healthy during allergy season.

One of the first steps in preparing for allergy season is to identify your horse's specific sensitivities through an allergy test. This will help you determine what allergens your horse is most susceptible to, allowing you to take targeted preventative measures. Once you know what triggers your horse's allergies, you can take steps to remove or minimize exposure to those allergens.

Horse with fly sheet and fly mask for allergy prevention and solution

One common allergen for horses is flies, which can cause skin irritation and discomfort. Investing in fly sheets or fly masks can help protect your horse from these pesky insects and reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions. Additionally, using fly predators and/or natural fly repellents can help control the fly population around your barn, further reducing your horse's exposure to this allergen.

Another common allergen for horses is weeds, which can trigger respiratory issues and skin reactions. Using a natural weed killer to remove these allergens from your horse's environment can help prevent allergic reactions before they occur. Additionally, ensuring your horse has access to clean, dust-free hay can help reduce the risk of respiratory issues during allergy season.

In addition to preventative measures, boosting your horse's immune system is also crucial for managing allergies. One of the best ways to support your horse's immune system is through the use of nutritional supplements. Pure Allergy Relief is an excellent choice for allergy prevention and symptom relief, as it contains whole food ingredients that are bioavailable to the horse.

Each ingredient in Pure Allergy Relief is chosen for its immune-boosting properties, helping to strengthen your horse's defenses against allergens. By supporting your horse's immune system with Pure Allergy Relief, you can help reduce the frequency and severity of allergic reactions during allergy season, keeping your horse healthy and happy.

In severe cases you can consider a detox to help the liver purge toxins. Whether it is from air pollution, chemical fly spray, or synthetic medications, toxins accumulate in the body. When the body’s natural defense and cleansing mechanisms become overwhelmed, toxic cells begin to build up resulting in the healthy cells’ inability to function optimally, and thus creating a toxic burden that can have dramatic effects on the health of the horse resulting in an unbalanced immune system that responds intensely to allergens (read more). By using the Diamond Liver Detox you support the liver in removing the toxin overload which creates a clean slate for the nutrients from Pure Allergy Relief to work their magic and balance the immune system.

In conclusion, preparing for allergy season is essential for ensuring your horse's health and well-being. By identifying your horse's specific sensitivities, implementing preventative measures, and boosting their immune system with a supplement like Pure Allergy Relief, you can help reduce the risk of allergic reactions and keep your horse comfortable during allergy season. Start preparing now to ensure a smooth transition into allergy season and a happy, healthy horse.

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