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Why Show Barns Are Making The Switch

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Show Barns Horse Nutrition - Twenty Four Carrots Natural Equine supplements

Show horses of any discipline are likely dealing with a greater intensity routine than most pleasure horses do. They must perform at a high level for a longer duration of time. They must be fit, they must be alert, they must be focused. It is the job of the trainers and handlers of these horses to ensure that their horses feel their very best to not only be happy in their work but to perform at the level desired and succeed. When trainers of large show barns, such as Trillium Farm or Sunnybrook Elite Riding School find out that the goal of Twenty Four Carrot’s coincided with their visions for the success, happiness and health of their show horses, they make a change by adding Inner Glow Booster to their feeding regime. Here’s why:

A horse that is fed correctly performs better:

True radiant health starts from within which is why it is important that all of the performance horses’ nutritional needs are met. This is widely understood and implemented however, and in an effort to supplement performance horses so they feel their best it is not unusual to see these horses on several different supplements often resulting in a vitamin or mineral overload which is counterproductive for not only the horse but the wallet as well. When supplementing, it is important to examine the cumulative totals of what is being fed, if nothing else than to avoid wasting money. It is equally as important to include a source of healthy fats in every horses’ (and especially a performance horses’) diet as omega-3 and omega-6 are nutrients that horses are unable to make on their own, and thus they must be supplemented. It is this added supplement which may very well be the most important one in your feeding regime.

A source of healthy fat makes all of the difference:

If you were to take a look inside the feed room of any performance barn you are likely to find a bevy of supplements including omega/fat supplements (such as rice bran or bottles full of oil). Fat supplements are known for making horse coats enviously glossy and soft but some of the most common sources of fats fed to horses contain ingredients which are detrimental to the overall health and performance of the horse although their coats may appear shiny. How so, you may ask? This is due to the fact that most fat supplements have an imbalanced ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids. Fat supplements containing soy, corn or canola oil are high in omega-6’s which have been scientifically proven to cause inflammation within the body. In a recent study it was found that most horses are offered at least two supplements and some of the most popular for performance horses being supplements for:

  • Joint health

  • Electrolytes

  • Calming and other behavioral issues

  • Ease of muscle tension

  • Gastrointestinal issues

  • Hoof and coat conditions

  • Respiratory problems

Each of these health concerns listed above have been proven to improve dramatically through the correct supplementation of omega-3’s. Fat supplements that are higher in omega-6 fatty acids have only worsened the above. Twenty Four Carrots’ Inner Glow Booster not only contains nutrient-dense whole food ingredients but also has a perfect ratio of Omega-3’s and Omega-6’s to promote flourishing health as well as to protect the horses’ system from the stresses of showing. When trainers of show barns realized they could not only save money by cutting down the amount of supplements administered but also feed something that was truly designed for the optimal performance of the whole horse, the choice was clear.

The results speak for themselves:

When horses are fed nutrition that is bio-available and complete (and void of nutritionally bankrupt, inflammatory and downright counterproductive ingredients such as soy, corn and grains) things truly start to click. Suddenly their digestive system becomes more efficient and improved, vital nutrients are absorbed and the horse’s performance increases along with their physical appearance as muscles grow, topline improves and the coat becomes enviously shiny. Testimonials from Yulia Bratkovskaya, a trainer at the elite Trillium Farm located in Woodside, CA is just one of the many that detail their absolute satisfaction with their decision to add Twenty Four Carrots to their show horses’ diet as well as the improvement noted on each of their horses.

Try it for yourself and see the difference. Twenty Four Carrot’s Inner Glow Booster is available online with a 15% discount for all new orders. To learn more about the Inner Glow Booster simply click here. Twenty Four Carrots also offers a bulk discount for barns. Click here to reach out to Twenty Four Carrots directly for a consultation and barn discount.


Inner Glow Booster reviews from our valued customers:


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Show Barns Horse Nutrition - Twenty Four Carrots Natural Equine supplements

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