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Keeping Your Horse Cool: 5 Fun Activities for a Hot Summer!

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Summer can be a challenging time for our equine friends. With the scorching heat and humidity, it's essential to ensure our horses stay cool, comfortable, and happy. But fret not, there are plenty of enjoyable activities to keep your beloved horse refreshed and content during the hottest days. Let's explore some fantastic ideas that will not only help them beat the heat but also strengthen your bond with your four-legged companion!

1. Ensure Proper Hydration

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This one might not be as fun but is essential that your horse is hydrated during the hottest days. As temperatures rise, it's crucial to ensure your horse is getting all the necessary minerals and nutrients. If your horse is sweating quite a bit, it’s beneficial to ensure their feed includes added electrolytes like potassium, sodium, and chloride, which help maintain proper hydration and regulate body temperature. Adequate water intake is equally vital, so always have fresh and cool water available for your horse, clean water often encourages them to drink more.

2. DIY Spa Day

Just like us, horses love a little pampering too! Treat your equine friend to a relaxing spa day. Start by giving them a refreshing bath to cool them down and remove sweat and dirt. Use a gentle sulfate-free shampoo and a sponge (or better yet perhaps some massaging gloves!) to make it an extra enjoyable experience for your horse. After the bath, continue the spa session with a cooling massage. Take a soft brush or curry and gently stroke their body, focusing on their large muscle groups. This not only helps them cool down but also eases muscle tension and promotes relaxation. Finish this off by moisturizing their hooves and mane. Pro tip: this downtime during the heat can be a great time to practice those show braids!

3. Misting Fun

Misting your horse can be a delightful way to cool them down. If you have access to a hose or a misting system, gently spray them with cool water. Many horses find this enjoyable, especially on hot afternoons.

4. Gentle Exercise & Maybe A New Trick!

Limit strenuous activities during extreme heat, this is a given. However, light exercise can help maintain your horse's fitness and mental well-being. Consider early morning or late evening rides when it's cooler. Slow trail rides or relaxed walk sessions can be a great way to bond while avoiding excessive exertion. Or perhaps put some time into teaching that fun trick from that ground that you’ve always wanted your horse to do. Again, excessive exertion is avoided but your horse is mentally stimulated and happy with the attention - and you may have a new trick to show off too!

5. Serve a Refreshing and Nutritional Salad

Like serving a warm mash in the winter, horses love a fresh salad in the summer! Use Dandelion leaves as a base and their favorite fruits and vegetables to go with it. Finish it off with some Celtic or himalayan salt for electrolytes and top it off with our Inner Glow Omega Booster for their daily dose of essential omega’s! For a delicious salad recipe visit our Instagram page .

Above all, spend quality time with your horse. The simple act of being there for them, grooming them, and providing companionship can make a significant difference in their well-being during the hot summer months.

Remember, each horse is unique, so observe their behavior and preferences to see which activities they enjoy the most. With these fantastic ideas, you and your horse are all set to have a fun-filled and comfortable summer together! Stay cool and cherish these precious moments with your beloved equine companion.

Happy summer!

hot summer horse activities - horse salad, horse spa, horse nutrition, horse electrolytes, horse activities during a hot summer

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