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Radiant health, naturally!

Omega's are an incredibly important part of any feeding regime and must be supplemented as horses are unable to create omegas on their own.

The Inner Glow Omega Booster is a comprehensive omega supplement containing an ideal ratio of omega 3’s and omega 6’s to support muscle integrity, a strong topline, reduce inflammation, lubricate joints, create an enviously shiny coat and support overall health and performance.


Inner Glow Booster is intended to compliment your current feeding regime, it is quite literally a vital boost of nutrition to add to your horse's daily diet. 

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Designed to strengthen:

  • Immune System/Allergy Response: Omega-3 fatty acids help fight allergies by regulating and strengthening the immune system lessening any current allergies and mitigating future allergic reactions. 

  • Digestive Tract: High in fiber, which creates more time for the buffering of stomach acid. As a prevention and relief of ulcers, Inner Glow Booster can be soaked which activates the mucilage from the chia seeds and creates a protective barrier that can soothe pain and inflammation.

  • Electrolyte Retention: Prolongment of hydration and retention of bodily fluids for quicker recovery and improved endurance. 

  • Joints & Muscles: An ideal balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids help reduce the hormone-like substances known as prostaglandins which create inflammation. Inner Glow Booster is full of complete (containing all 9 essential amino acids) protein, building muscle and a full topline.  

  • Skin, Coat & Hoof: Cell membranes are strengthened by balanced Omega-3 fatty acids, allowing nutrients into the cell while keeping toxins out. The result? An enviously shiny coat and relief from allergy-irritated skin. 9 essential amino acids build proteins within the body, including keratin which is essential for hoof strength.

  • Calm Demeanor: Highly bio-available magnesium for natural relief of nervousness.  


  + Added antioxidants in the form of raw, whole ingredients.  

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Twenty Four Carrots Inner Glow Booster Nettle

When cut and dry, nettles loose their stinging properties and only goodness remains!


Nettles have an astounding nutrient profile being incredibly high in chromium, calcium, magnesium and zinc as well as containing an abundance of iron, manganese, cobalt, phosphorous, selenium, potassium, silica, niacin, thiamine, vitamin A and vitamin C. All of these incredible nutrients contribute to alleviation from respiratory ailments, allergies, liver or kidney disorders, laminitis and lactation issues.


Nettles also serve as a strengthening tonic and can be a source of energy for horses who may need an extra boost! 



For uncompromising horse owners!

Twenty Four Carrots’ Inner Glow Booster is exactly as nature intended; raw, nutrient-dense, complete and contain absolutely NO GMO’s, byproducts, fillers, soy, corn, molasses or grains. Every ingredient used carefully selected for its nutritional content, food grade and is a meaningful contribution to the overall health and wellbeing of the horse.


The Inner Glow Booster is designed to be a distinctive homage to a conscientious feeding program and is safe for all horses to consume, even those with metabolic issues.

Starch 0.1% • ESC 1.9% • WSC 6% 

All our products are proudly made in California!

What Customers Say:

“My name is Rebecca Bruce Glynn and I am the owner of Sunnybrook Elite Riding Club in Santa Barbara. My husband, Ned Glynn is the owner of Sonoma Valley Stables in Northern California. Neither of us can say enough good things about the 24 Carrots Inner Glow Booster and how beneficial it has been to all our show horses! We now use it on all our personal top performance horses. It really has transformed every horse I have had on it - it benefits everything from  temperament, soundness, improves their coat, and helps manage their weight. It has given my teenage Grand Prix Horse new and improved  soundness and temperament, even my vet was amazed! She is loving her time in the show ring again! Thanks to Twenty Four Carrot Inner Glow Booster!”

- Rebecca Bruce Glynn

Owner Sunnybrook Elite Riding School

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"After only finishing one bag, Rose's coat quality immediately improved! She was outside 24/7 and despite that, her coat's luster returned - she was glossy, dark, and soft once again. The most shocking change was in her bog spavins. No joint supplement or Back on Track hock boots helped with this problem. I considered her bog spavins a lost cause after years of trying, and failing, with different products. You can imagine my amazement when I noticed the bubbling inflammation completely disappeared!
With whole and healthy ingredients, you know exactly what your horse is eating when you give them Twentyfour Carrot products. I cannot recommend this company, their treats, and their Inner Glow Booster enough."

- Kassie & Rose


Alyssa & Cam

“It has been a year since I acquired my dream horse and competitive partner. She is a whole lot of personality in a little 5 year old WB mare.  Even though she is on a grain free diet(easy keeper), her favorite part of the day is her bucket of pellets and Inner Glow Booster! She has plenty of gas under saddle, but even after a couple days off she keeps a cool attitude and I can get our training done without lunging or the stress of a sugary diet. Her coat is stunning even though its wooly for winter and she stays flirty and fun without hormonal grumpiness. We are making so many strides in educating people about eating clean, without nasty lab made chemicals that cause harm to the body. Yet there are so few clean products for our animals. Inner Glow Booster is the future for horse health, by going back to the past: whole plants!”


- Naima R. Chaves, LAc. 

Licensed Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Herbalist and Yoga Coach

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