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How To Make Your Horse's Coat Glow

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

We all know that horse at the barn with the enviously shiny coat that seems to effortlessly glisten. If a shiny coat is what you’re after, the good news is, your horse can have a gorgeously glossy coat, too! Whether preparing for a show or just wanting your horse to always look their best, here are some easy tips to follow that can help your horse shine!

Horse coat glow- Twenty Four Carrots all natural Equine Nutrition

1. True health radiates from within - feed the shine!

A truly healthy horse is a shiny horse! If your horse’s coat looks dull it is important to rule out any health issues that may need to be addressed. If you are sure your horse is healthy and there aren’t any underlying health concerns, adding healthy omegas/oil to your horse’s diet is one sure fire way to create a shiny coat. Try adding flaxseed oil or a product such as Twenty Four Carrots Booster to your horse’s feed.

2. Only use soap when needed.

Frequently washing your horse with soap will strip the skin’s natural oils which help condition, soften and shine the coat. In almost any occasion, a water rinse will do the trick. If you must use soap, go for one that does not contain any harsh sulfates, is natural and PH balanced.

3. Groom wisely and groom with gusto!

Be careful not to use grooming tools that may fray or cut the hair, such as a metal curry comb. Using a soft rubber curry to gently agitate dirt followed by use of a soft brush in direction of the hair growth is a great way to gently clean your horse's coat as well as spread the skin’s natural oils from the follicle to the tip of the hair. Many professional grooms suggest finishing off the grooming session with a gentle rub using a sheepskin grooming mitt. This will wick away any remaining dust and disperse the skins oils throughout the coat. Groom gently and groom frequently!

To summarize, a healthy glowing coat is something that is very much achievable! It is important to follow all 3 tips in whole. A horse must be fed well in order for the skin to produce it’s natural oil which conditions the coat. The skin’s oils should not be stripped during a bath unless necessary and frequent grooming will ensure that the oils are being distributed evenly throughout the coat. There you have it - time to shine!

Horse coat glow- Twenty Four Carrots all natural Equine Nutrition

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